Zion's Saving Grace - The Book

A Journey of Fear to Faith, Heartbreak to Hope

My Inspiration for Writing

The Purpose

The journey of navigating the NICU with a sick child is hard for a parent.  When you add having to say goodbye to that same child forever, it can make you feel angry, sad, depressed, and alone.   The purpose of this book is to let people know that there is life after loss. It exposes the darkest time of my life, the journey of my baby boy, Zion Kennaniah Moore. It is comprised of Facebook posts sharing my baby boy’s journey in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at UT Hospital. It captures the strength and fight that he conveyed to his followers, my feelings as he fought for his life, and my husband’s and my journey of faith.

The Promise

This book is for people who are experiencing, have experienced, or will experience navigating life in the NICU with a sick child. It is also for those who have lost a child or loved one and are wondering if you will ever smile again. Feeling the emptiness of a broken family, feeling the hopelessness of your child fighting for their life, or experiencing the greatest fear a parent could ever face can leave you hopeless. It is such a dark, helpless, and lonely place, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. The promise of this book is that there is hope and healing, through God's grace. When it looks like you will never smile again, when you have lost all hope, when you have faced the greatest tragedy, know that God will restore your joy, your faith, and your hope in Him.  He will put your broken heart back together again. You WILL smile again. You WILL hope again. 

The Place of Restoration

God will restore your joy. How are we getting through the most difficult time of our life? The answer is simple, worship. We glorify God even when we don’t understand it. Even when we are mad at Him, He still loves us and gives us the grace to make it through another day. So we lift our hands in the midst of our pain, expecting that He will get us through the tough times. We have to lean and depend on Him every single day to make it. He continues to turn our mourning into joy. He has given me a joy that I never knew I could have. It is unexplainable and it couldn’t be anything but God’s grace. He gives us the strength we need for today. When we have our moments of sorrow, He picks us up and holds us in His arms. He was with us all the way. He gave us the grace to worship. The grace to get through it. His grace is sufficient for you, too.    

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